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Vacation Rentals for Big Families

Looking for accommodations with a lot of room?
Is your family bigger than 8 people?

Reasons to Rent a Home instead of Booking a Hotel Room

If you plan on traveling for longer than a 3 day weekend or if you have a big family,  you may consider renting a vacation home. There are many benefits to renting a vacation home.

1. More Room - Since you're staying in a house, there is plenty of room for everyone to spread out. Separate bedrooms give everyone their own space and give mom and dad more privacy.  Multiple bathrooms make everyone's lives easier. And no more living out of a suitcase, you can actually unpack.

2. Reasonable Prices - For big families the price per person is very reasonable. Many times the price of home rental is comprable to a big hotel suite.

3. Full Kitchen - With a kitchen, and maybe a grill, handy; big families can save money by making their own meals.

4. Personal Pool - Many home rentals have their own pool. Who says you have to share!

5. Many are Pet Friendly - Bring along your fuzzy loved one!

6. Free Wi-Fi - With so many of us working even on vacation, free wi-fi is a great perk.

7. Laundry Facilities - Save money on your luggage by packing less and bringing less suitcases.  Now you can do laundry without having to babysit the machine like you would at a hotel.

8. Long term stays - If you're traveling over seas, a vacation rental will give your family a more genuine experience of your destination's culture.

9. Look like a local - When traveling over seas, you may want to blend in with the locals to avoid looking like a tourist.

10. Many locations - no matter where you go, worldwide, you can easily find a rental

Vacation rental is now easier than ever.  Check out these great companies for vacation homes that will make for a great vacation:

  • TripAdvisor lists more than 100,000 homes worldwide. They even have a widget to help you compare vacation rentals vs hotels.
  • HomeAway lists over 215,000 homes in 120 countries.
  • lists apartments, cottages, rentals in Europe.
  • HomeExchange lists over 37,000 homes in 137 countries. 
  • Find World Vacation Rentals on FlipKey
  • Explore family-to-family rentals with






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