Hotel Room Crock Pot Cooking

Tuesday Travel Tips

Cook dinner in a crock pot to save money on vacation.

Pack a crock pot, liners, dinnerware and food for a stress free dinner in your hotel.

Set up the crock pot before you leave in the morning. Later when you get back to your hotel room, you’ll be greeted with the great smell of a crowd pleasing meal.

Hotel rules about cooking in your hotel room may differ from chain to chain. You might want to check with management to see if it is allowed.  The last thing you want is to have the maid turn the crock pot off while you’re gone because it’s against hotel policy.

However, I think that if your room has a microwave and fridge you should be able to use a crock pot. Especially if you have a kitchenette area with wet sink, fridge, and microwave with a kitchen type counter. And if your room has a kitchen, I don’t think there would be a reason why you couldn’t use a crock pot.

Tell me, have you ever used a crock pot in your room?  A hot plate? Rice cooker or Foreman grill?  How did it go?

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5 thoughts on “Hotel Room Crock Pot Cooking

  1. I have cooked some in hotels that don’t come with a kitchen. We travel full time in hotels and we have stayed at several. We prefer a kitchen but if we can’t find one in our budget we just make our own kitchen. I carry an electric skillet, and a foreman grill. I used to carry a crockpot but found it was too small to make a meal for all of us. I then went to my turkey roaster. I left it at home this time. It was alot of trouble. We mostly use the skillet, and foreman. I also carry a folding table. We set that up like a counter if the hotel doesn’t have one. I have 3 dish pans and we wash dishes (yes, I carry plates, cups, silverware) pioneer style. We put hot soapy water in first bin, hot plain water in the next two for rinsing. We flush water after use. We do hamburger helper type stuff, sloppy joes ect in the skillet. Pork chops, hamburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches etc in the foreman.

  2. Love it! You really do pack your own kitchen! What type of vehicle do you drive that you have room for that AND your luggage! :) Do you use a rooftop cargo carrier?

  3. I was wondering if other people cook in there hotel rooms. We travel full time as well and we have to stay on a budget since my husband has to pay out of pocket and wait for reimbursements from his company.

    To the person who uses an electric skillet..has the detectors in the room ever gone off? That’s my concern. I brought my crockpot on this trip and haven’t used it yet but it looks like I will be this week.

  4. We travel a lot and want to save money plus not be out late. The foreman does not set off detectors and can be used for grilling chicken, pork chops, paninis, burgers, bacon, and so much more. The crock pot cooks everything from rice, corn bread, veggies, soups, and sauces. With a microwave and a fridge, we can eat for 15 dollars. Remember a can opener!

  5. When we travel to the beach, we take a crockpot to leave in the room. We make pulled pork – pork butt or shoulder roast with 1 c water & some barbecue sauce all day. Serve on buns with coleslaw. Easy!

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