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Cruising With Kids – A Guide To the Perfect Family Cruise Vacation

Many big families would love to cruise. However, booking a cruise for a big family can be tricky and expensive.  Since cruising for big families can be costly,you want to get it right.  You want to plan everything possible to insure everything goes well.  But where to start?

Our friends over at TheLollipopRoad know a thing or two about cruising with kids;  they’ve recently published what has to be the bible of family cruising, Cruising With Kids – A Guide to The Perfect Family Cruise Vacation.

Based on 30+ cruises and 20 years  of cruising experience, this book is a plethora of information about cruising with kids.  You’ll find helpful information to aid you in the cruise line selection process, pre-cruise planning, making the most of your cruise, and post cruise issues.

Chapters include cruising basics from infants to teens, all the questions you may have or might not have thought of are answered. They propose what amenities to consider when picking a cruise line such as kids’ programs, fixed or flexible dining, entertainment, activities, cabins, itineraries, and activities on board.

Find information and tips to get you on board the ship without drama or delay. Kids cruise safety and security is also covered in detail. Also included is a chapter on tips and secrets by cruise line.

I wouldn’t plan a big family cruise without reading this book first.  That’s why I bought two books, one for me and one for a lucky winner.

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Theresa is the mother of four including twins. She is the owner of SixSuitcaseTravel, a travel site for big families of 5, 6, 7, 8. She enjoys helping other big families build life-long travel memories. Her family's travel bucket list includes DC, Yellowstone, London and anywhere in the Caribbean.

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17 thoughts on “Cruising with Kids Book Giveaway

  1. we have been thinking for a while to go on cruise with our kids so this will be a good resource.

  2. Never been on a cruise but thinking of one in future with our 5 children!!

  3. Never been on a cruise before. But, now that the kids are older, I am thinking about it!

  4. We have been on a cruise, but not with our kids yet. We have been looking into it though because I’m sure they would love it!

  5. We went on a Disney cruise five years ago with our three kids. we had two adjoining cabins, it was AMAZING. Best trip ever. Now we have four kids and would like to take another cruise as a family.

  6. We’re going on a Make-A-Wish cruise for my oldest daughter’s wish in September. We have 7 kids and have never done anything like this before. We’re very excited! I’d love to read this book, I’m clueless!!!

  7. We have never been on a cruise, and would love to go. At this time in our life, taking our five children or ourselves is just something that seems way too expensive. I would love to hear of so affordable ways for our whole family to go.

  8. We’ve never been on a cruise with or without our beautiful babies, but we sure would love a new experience :)

  9. I liked SST on FB, shared article on FB, and recently we all (9) have decided that cruising may be THE best way to vacation with a big brood! Royal Caribbean and Disney were both terrific experiences!

  10. I have done the Disney cruise with the kiddos, but I would like to try a different cruise with more options for the grownups!

  11. I have read most of this wonderful book
    (Cruising With Kids) the information given is a valuable tool in planning your next cruise vacation with children.
    We have been on 26 cruises and will be using this new information we read about in this well researched book!

  12. Gail Cusimano, you have until June 8 to send me your mailing address. Otherwise, I’ll have pick another winner. Thanks!

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