Pack a Deck of Cards to Entertain Kids on Vacation & Birdcage Press Giveaway

There are many ways to keep children occupied on trips; video games, DVDs, and other toys just to name a few. However, there are simpler ways to entertain kids, such as one of my own favorites, a simple pack of cards.

Cards have been used for entertainment for generations. There are many games that can be played with them and each game is different. With so many siblings, you always have someone to play with.

For kids, I recommend five classic games:

1. Go Fish – Almost everyone knows how to play this game and even the youngest kids can be taught. Any kind of cards will do. Although, stores do sell cards just for this game.

2. Rummy – My personal favorite. Recommended for ages 10+ due to its more complicated rules. A standard deck of 52 cards works nicely when playing this game of strategy. A piece of paper can be used to count points at the end of each game.

3. Old Maid– This game has been around for years. Not many children may know the rules, but not too complicated. Typically, special cards must be purchased however, the game can be played with standard cards, by using a joker as the old maid.

4. War – Another all ages game. No strategy needed, just the ability to know which card is higher. Unlike in other games, suits are ignored. The more players, the more fun to be had.

5. Solitaire – on those rare occasions when you have no one to play with, solitaire is an easy game for one player. Standard deck is needed. This game is simple enough, red on black going down the card values, A K Q J 10 9 and so on.

As you can see, a standard deck of cards can be used in all of these games. To add an additional educational aspect, we recommend cards made by Birdcage Press.

Thank you Princess for that post about cards. Now let’s move on to the great cards made by Birdcage Press.

Birdcage Press offers cards with an educational twist. Check out this set of playing cards 52 Amazing Places: National Parks.  Each National Park card has a fantastic picture, the state it is located in and an informational blurb about the park.

Now your children can play the games Princess described or make some alone time to enjoy reading all the cards. For long trips you could pack a map and have them find the parks.

Birdcage Press also offers several other types of cards, some relate to one particular game such as Go Fish or War; all have a great additional educational aspect.

For budding art lovers, Birdcage Press offers cards that cover Modern Arts,  Impressionist Artists, Van Gogh & Friends and more. Each set along with the included booklet will teach your children about the artists, the art, and some background about both.

For animal lovers, sets include Wild Cards with topics of North American Birds, Baby Animals Around the World, For the Love of Cats, For the Love of Dogs, and more!

Be sure to check out Birdcage Press for all their card topics. We must mention a few more! Battle cards covering Aircraft, Military Jets, and Spacecraft, Go Fish for Ancient Egypt and Wild Cards Dinosaurs.

I would love to have them all! And not just for travel! My kiddos read well worn Calvin & Hobbs everyday during breakfast, this would be a great change out (not that I don’t love Calvin & Hobbs).

Best of all Birdcage Press is giving away a set of 52 Amazing Places – National Parks!

To enter:

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Giveaway ends Saturday, March 24,2012 at 9:00 MST. Winner has 10 days to claim prize. Entrants must be 18+ and reside in USA or Canada.

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  1. My 11 year old son declared last year while we were visiting Shenandoah National Park that he wants to visit every National Park there is. So far the kids have been to 2 National Parks and a handful of National Recreation Areas. I’ve been to 4 National Parks. Hubs, has many more on us.

  2. I’m not sure exactly how many national parks we’ve visited, but it’s at least 17, because that’s how many junior ranger badges my kids have earned.

  3. I like SixSuitcaseTravel on Facebook – Janet Fri

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. I have visited about 6
    bryce canyon,
    grand canyon,
    Mt rainier

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