The Captivating Cape Cod Central Railroad

Cape Cod Central Railroad

Located in Hyannis, Massachusetts, the Cape Cod Central Railroad offers two-hour trips for all ages, all the way from the Hyannis Station to the Cape Cod Canal. The Scenic Excursion Train, one of many the Railroad offers and perfect for a relaxed family outing, whisks you past numerous scenic and historic sites along the Cape Cod Bay.

During the ride, be prepared to feast your eyes upon the cranberry bogs that help sustain Cape Cod (a brilliant red in the fall). Keep your eyes peeled for blue heron, hawks, and osprey as you pass by natural woodlands, creeks, and salt marshes. These marshes (including Barnstable Harbor, Sandwich Harbor, and Scorton Creek) are important wildlife habitats for birds and fish. Sandy Neck, a crucial wildlife habitat and barrier beach, is another beautiful sight along the way.  You’ll also see “kettle hole” ponds beside the tracks, nicknamed for the kettle-like shape the glaciers that formed the ponds left when they receded from the area.


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The Scenic Train makes a stop at Sandwich, the oldest town in Cape Cod, allowing you and your family to explore the historic treasures it has to offer on foot. After Sandwich, the train passes historic industrial buildings, including the Doll Museum, Christmas Tree Shop, Sandwich Glass Museum, and Aptuxcet Trading Post Museum, all remnants of the significant commercial effect the Railroad has had on Cape Cod. The ride ends at the Cape Cod Canal, the widest man-made canal in the world. Along the canal, be on the lookout for other bird species that change with the seasons, such as terns, cormorants, gulls, and more before the train zooms back to Hyannis Station once again.

The Cape Cod Central Railroad Scenic Excursion offers exciting, educational fun for the entire family. For those looking for a more formal getaway, the many other meal-option trains, including the Elegant Dinner, Luncheon, Sunday Brunch, and Family Supper Trains that the Railroad offers are the perfect solution. The Cape Cod Central Railroad is a fascinating, leisurely opportunity to explore the history and beauty of Cape Cod.

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