6 Organization Secrets To Traveling With Kids

Whether you are about to hit the road on a cross country road trip or just another day of taxing the kids around town, these 6 organization secrets will make life a little easier on the road for you as the mom.


#1 Travel treat boxes
PMK Crafts created fun travel treats boxes for her kids using bead storage containers. You can even personalize them with each child’s name. Then fill each section with treats to keep your kids happy during your next road trip. Click here to see how PMK Crafts created her Travel Treat Boxes.


#2 Bathroom caddy becomes car caddy
Cheri from I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar created this portable car caddy using a bathroom caddy she picked up at her local big box store. She then filled it with everything form a box of tissue, hand held games to sunglasses Click here to see Cheri’s full idea over on Brown Paper Packages.

#3 Shoe organizer for car organizer
This is one of those why did I not think of it ideas…of course because I’m not Martha Stewart. Yes, this idea of using a over the door show organizer as a backseat car organizer comes from Martha Stewart. Click here for Martha’s how-to instructions and get your kiddos organizes in the back seat for upcoming road trips or just everyday around town driving.

#4 Coffee creamer for travel snacks
Recycle your coffee creamer containers in to travel snack dispensers. Once empty you can easily remove the creamer label and place container in dishwasher to clean out – then fill with favorite snack for your next outing. My son Caleb loves his new snack holder – we used the smaller size creamer container. We found this idea here.

#5 Car trash can – Line a cereal dispenser with a small plastic garbage bag and now you have an instant car trash can.

#6 Shower travel bags – Tired of shoe dirt in your suitcase when you travel? Place your shoes into a shower cap before placing in your suitcase to keep your suitcases dirt free.

Trisha Novotny is the host of 24/7 MOMS Live webcast and is passionate about keeping it simple as she makes every moment count along the mom journey. Currently surviving five kids from elementary to college, she understands the life and needs of a MOM which inspired her to create the 24/7 MOMS website, community and webcast. Trisha and her husband, Steve, reside in Gig Harbor, Washington with their five children.

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  1. Those travel treat boxes are awesome- wish I’d thought of something similar when my kids were younger. I also love the shower cap for dirty shoes which would be perfect for visiting a sandy area. I don’t know how many times we’ve gotten home from a trip to the beach to unpack and in the bottom of the suitcase was enough sand to fill a bucket. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating, but it sure seemed that way!

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