6 Tips for Staying in a Hostel

1. Location -
Many hostels are located in the heart of the city. Check the hostel's neighbors to see if any are bars. Party sounds late at night may make it hard for little ones to sleep.

Hostels aren't just for European travel, check out hostels here in the US for affordable travel.

2. Family Rooms
- Traveling with a big family has benefits, private rooms for families of six or more are available at many hostels. These dorm rooms often feature en-suite bathrooms. Be sure to choose these rooms when booking.

3. En-Suite Bathrooms
- Not all hostels have shared bathrooms. If a shared bathroom isn't your thing, check the details of your dorm or private family room to see if the bathroom is en-suite.

4. Bedding Linens
- Double check your hostel to see if bedding linens are included or available for an additional rental charge.

5. Kitchen
- Some hostels have shared kitchen facilities. Save money by cooking at the hostel, just be sure to clean up.

6. Lock out
- Check to see if your hostel closes during the day. Pick hostels that don't close. Other amenities to look for are game or entertainment rooms, laundry facilities, and a light breakfast.