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3 Great Reasons to Visit Tennessee

    Tennessee is a wonderful place for large families to visit.  The state offers a wide variety of interesting and exciting things to do.  Here are three things that you and your kids will love.

    Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

    1 – Music.  If Tennessee is known for anything, it has to be music.  The state has a rich heritage of all kinds of music, from classical and jazz to gospel and country.  Nashville, Tennessee is known as “Music City,” and it is home to both the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.  Both of these places are great places to help your family get a little bit of culture and to explore and celebrate the music of America.  Of course, if you and your family are really in are really into country music, you should consider going to the CMA Music Festival in June.  The CMA Music Festival is the largest country music concert in the world, and it draws country music’s biggest stars.

    Smoky Mountains

    2 – Nature.  Tennessee offers a wide variety of beautiful natural settings.  Tennessee is home to both the awe-inspiring Smoky Mountains and the powerful Mississippi river, and it has thousands of mysterious caves and hundreds of beautiful waterfalls.  The state’s many beautiful stretches of nature will inspire and impress even the most cynical of city-dwelling children.

    Parents can take their children hiking, swimming, spelunking, rafting, biking, boating, and much more.  Parents interested in a unique outdoor adventure might try taking their children to the French Broad River Dude Ranch, which bills itself as “the best Western experience in the East.”  Visitors can participate in cattle drives, rafting trips, and evening entertainment.  The French Broad River Dude Ranch’s cabins sleep up to nine people, making it the ranch the perfect place to take a large family.

    National Civil Rights Museum Entrance

    3 – History.  Tennessee was the location of nearly 1,500 Civil War battles, and taking children to these sites can be a great way to teach them about history and humanity.  Visitors to Tennessee can also learn about the state’s three American presidents (Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, and James Polk) by visiting each of their homes, which have been preserved and made into museums.  And Memphis, Tennessee is also home to the National Civil Rights Museum, which was built on the site where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.  Visitors to this museum will come away with a greater understanding of the struggle for human rights from the 1600s to the present.

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