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Big Families Can Cruise Too!


    We’ve been working on updating our Big Family Cruise page. We now list which cruise ship staterooms can accommodate big families and whether the ship has connecting staterooms.

    We know that big families are interested in cruising. Our post from 2011 asking Do Cruise Lines Hate Big Families? has received more than 9000 views.

    The good news is that Cruise Lines do not hate big families.  Big staterooms are out there but there aren’t many of them on each ship. And they’re spendy.

    Honestly, it’s quite a bit cheaper to book multiple staterooms than to book the large, spacious staterooms that can sleep six or more. Besides, if your kids have hit their teens; you’ll probably want a second bathroom.

    Another change we’ve seen in the past 3 years is the ability to book multiple staterooms online.

    Cruise lines that now allow multiple stateroom bookings online: Carnival allows you to book 3 staterooms, Disney allows you to book 4 staterooms, and RoyalCaribbean allows you to book 4 staterooms. At three to five passengers per stateroom, that’s enough to accommodate really big families.

    And the best part? It’s possible to book the staterooms adjacent to each other.

    Sounds like progress to me.

    Happy Sailing!

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    Theresa Jorgensen

    Theresa is the mother of four including twins. She is the owner of SixSuitcaseTravel, a travel site for big families of 5, 6, 7, 8. She enjoys helping other big families build life-long travel memories. Her family's travel bucket list includes Washington, DC (done!), Yellowstone (done!), London, and anywhere in the Caribbean.