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Family Travel Friday – Meet Family Travel Writers

    Chances are that you’ve come to SixSuitcaseTravel looking for help planning a vacation for your big family. Did you know there is a whole community of family travel bloggers focused on making family vacations great?

    On this first Family Travel Friday, we have asked these resourceful family travel writers to join our blog hop. Be prepared to be wowed by their expertise and helpfulness. I’m sure you’ll enjoy each one of the participating family travel blogs and will add many to your favorites.

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    16 thoughts on “Family Travel Friday – Meet Family Travel Writers”

    1. Theresa Jorgensen

      Thanks everyone for participating! Great bunch of blogs! The winner of the $100 egift card is Lisa Goodmurphy!

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    Theresa Jorgensen

    Theresa is the mother of four including twins. She is the owner of SixSuitcaseTravel, a travel site for big families of 5, 6, 7, 8. She enjoys helping other big families build life-long travel memories. Her family's travel bucket list includes Washington, DC (done!), Yellowstone (done!), London, and anywhere in the Caribbean.