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3 Generations on a Family Vacation

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    The generation gap doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice the fun of a family vacation to satisfy one member of the family. Choosing the right destinations and activities to fit each age group in your family can be simple with just a little planning and research. These tips and ideas can help you plan the perfect getaway for everyone.
    Keep It Simple

    When considering destinations for three generations on a family vacation, you will want to first consider the interests of the family. Some families will find that simple trips to the lake for camping, fishing, and relaxing are among the best choices for groups with a large generation gap. These kinds of holidays include activities that fit all age groups, from children who enjoy swimming and water sports to elderly family members who may prefer fishing or simply relaxing in the warm sun watching the children play. Local destinations can also be an option if you want to keep the vacation really simple and affordable.

    Local camping parks, for example, are a great place to spend time rejuvenating with family members. Most modern camping parks offer hookups for RV’s and campers, showers, and a wide range of amenities such as WiFi internet connections. Look for a local campground that meets your personal needs to choose one that everyone in the family will enjoy. The charge per night is typically less than a night’s stay in a hotel room, as well. You can often spend twenty-five dollars or less per night at a campground, allowing you to enjoy time with your family without worrying about the expense of the vacation.

    Make It Memorable

    Planning a vacation to remember is ideal for families with older children and teenagers as the youngest members of the group. For instance, visiting a theme park or renting an ocean cottage for the family can be dream vacations that offer a lifetime of memories for everyone who attends. If you are planning on visiting a theme park during part of the vacation and have babies along for the trip, extra planning may be needed. Babies often can’t ride on the most popular rides at the park, so you will need to decide who is going to be in charge of child care in advance. You will also need to pack a sling for wearing baby while at the park, or take along a stroller.

    Memorable vacations can also be simple. If theme parks aren’t right for your family, be open minded and ask others opinions about where to go. In fact, talking about the vacation and planning the destination should begin several months in advance to ensure everyone is satisfied with where you will be going and the activities offered at the destination. Making time to spend together, whether at the dinner table at night or throughout the day, is the most important thing. Setting an itinerary in advance will let everyone know what to expect during the vacation. Make sure you include times when the family is expected to gather for special events in the schedule.

    Make It Special

    A vacation doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant to be special. Your children, grandparents or parents will enjoy the time spent together whether you are camping in your backyard together or spending time exploring a foreign country. Your vacation should be based on your personal budget, or the family budget for the trip, and the personal interests of everyone who is planning on going.


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    Theresa Jorgensen

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