Use Travel Tickets to Show How Much Travel Time is Left

    I love this idea from for helping you and your kids avoid the “Are we there yet?” cry.


    “Use some colored construction paper to cut out some “tickets” for your trip. Give your child a pre-counted baggie full of tickets. Every half hour (or every 30 miles) they can turn in one ticket to you. When their tickets are gone, the trip has ended!”

    Laurel then includes a printable page of tickets to print out on card stock or regular paper.

    I think this is a fantastic way to help younger kids know how much time of a trip has lapsed and how much remains. I remember telling my youngest how much time remained in “Blues Clues time” (one episode) or about 30 minutes – we’ll be there in about 3 Blues Clues. She seemed to like that measurement of time. But I like this idea much better!

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    Theresa Jorgensen

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