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Ultimate Road Trip With Kids – Legoland San Diego


    We were half-way through our trip and we were all, well, happy, and trying to figure out a way that we could always live like this!

    We visited Legoland which was a Kid choice and I have to say that the kids were very impressed. The adults were not as impressed but had a fun day nonetheless. Legoland is a large amusement park combined with 3 water parks and obviously a bunch of Lego art throughout. It is also very expensive.

    One of my observations is that a water park in the Midwest is probably worth a bit of expense especially as we usually go in the winter (cold, icy Midwest weather left behind for a warm indoor water park = fun). However, spending such an exorbitant amount of money for the kids to play in a wave pool when we were literally 5 minutes from the real-life waves of the Pacific Ocean in the middle of summer seemed a little nuts (especially since the kids had such a fun time playing at the beach the next day).

    Also, I was a little nervous splitting up at the water park as we obviously weren’t going to be carrying around phones in the water so we had no real way to contact each other once we split up. It all worked out fine and I don’t think we could have missed it as it was about the ONLY thing that two of the boys listed when we talked about things we could see in the US on this vacation.

    I did enjoy the amusement park more than the water park. And to be fair, the water parks were absolutely beautiful and very fun, I just preferred the park where we had cell phones to keep in contact and we were doing things (riding rides) that we couldn’t do for free 5 minutes away.

    Going to Legoland.

    The kids earned their drivers’ licenses.


    Rode rides.

    Met characters (Wildstyle from the Lego movie).

    Watched a 4D movie that was 3D plus touch and smell.

    And tried not to get eaten (GRACE!!).


    After Legoland, we drove right to the beach to catch our last Pacific Coast sunset. It was beautiful, the water was warm, and the kids had a blast body surfing (on real ocean waves – for free)!



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