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Yellowstone Guide – Explore NE Grand Loop Drive from Mammoth Hot Springs to Tower-Roosevelt to Canyon Village

    Exploring Mammoth Hot Springs to Tower-Roosevelt to Canyon Village

    On paper, making one’s way from Mammoth Springs to Canyon Village isn’t a horribly long trip in the car, with only 37 miles separating them via a drive-through Tower-Roosevelt. If you’re looking to make the most of your journey across Yellowstone, however, said jaunt has far more interesting sights and stops than you might initially think.

    Below, you’ll find a full list with everything of interest you’ll find along your route between these points. Each entrance road segment’s highlights are listed consecutively and bulleted, so you can print this article and highlight which ones your family will want to do. The route, of course, can be done in reverse, just work your way up our list.

    Blacktail Plateau

    Yellowstone Northeast Segment Highlights

    Explore Mammoth Hot Springs to Blacktail Plateau Drive

    • Start at Mammoth Springs
    • Lava Creek trail stretches 4.2 miles and passes not just by Undine Falls, but also the confluence of Lava Creek with Gardner River…just be prepared to hike the exact way you came back.
    Undine Falls
    • Undine Falls offers another stunning locale with little physical investment along 1.8 miles of fairly light hiking
    Wraith Falls
    • Wraith Falls Trail is only about a mile, but takes you on an easy trip to the base of the scenic Wraith Falls
    • Blacktail Deer Creek Trailhead leads 7.4 miles through grassy hills to a suspension bridge over the Yellowstone River.
    • Forces of the Northern Range Trailhead is an easy half-mile lollipop loop boardwalk trail.
    Blacktail Plateau Drive in Yellowstone National Park

    Explore Blacktail Plateau Drive to Tower-Roosevelt

    • Don’t miss Blacktail Plateau Drive, this one-way drive is 6 miles of a more pristine Yellowstone to drive through and greater wildlife spotting opportunities
    • Tower Fall descends a staggering 132 feet and has captivated visiting explorers for 140 years running. Just down the road lies Roosevelt Lodge, offering up rustic lodging and dining

    Explore Tower-Roosevelt to Canyon Village

    • Tower-Roosevelt has plenty to see within itself between Tower Fall, the Yellowstone River, the Lamar Buffalo Ranch, and more, but also provides services such as horse rentals, showers, campgrounds, and a ranger station.
    • Chittenden Road is a 1.5-mile dirt road to a parking lot where you can hike to the peak of Mt Washburn, 5.6 miles round trip.
    Dunraven Pass
    • Dunraven Pass gives way to the Mount Washburn Trailhead, with spectacular views along 6 miles of trail – but watch for grizzlies in autumn!
    • Washburn Springs Overlook offers scenic views at an elevation of 8,570 feet.
    • Observation Peak Trail is about 9.6 miles, climbing 1,400 feet in 2.6 miles and also leads to Cascade Lake.
    • Cascade Lake Trail is roughly 4.4 miles and passes through meadows to Cascade Lake, where wildflowers are plentiful and wildlife is often spotted.

    Explore Canyon Village

    • Arrive at Canyon Village. Amenities include gas, lodging, dining, a visitor center, and a shower. See our next post to cover the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

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